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Wireless technology is everywhere.  From computers to cell phones and automotive applications, radio frequency (RF) is a fundamental skill set and very in demand by industry.  We merge the gap between practice and theory by working on cutting edge technology such as Software Defined Radios and wideband RF operations.  Come to a meeting to learn more!





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Transmitter Hunt Recap

Had a great time at our first-ever transmitter hunt! With over a square mile to search, the 1st of 3 teams found the transmitter in just 20

Ham Exam Recap

Congratulations to our 10 newly-licensed hams! Tuesday's exam session was a success, with 10 people passing their Technician exam. Looking f

Transmitter Hunting Workshop Recap

We had an awesome Transmitter Hunting Workshop this Tuesday! After scouring The Oval for about an hour, we successfully found the transmitte

Antenna Building Workshop Recap

Congrats to our members on their successful antenna builds at Tuesday's Antenna Building Workshop! Looks like we're ready to go for our foxh